Advantage: Advertiser. Wrapped vehicles carry your message to areas that are difficult or impossible to penetrate with other OOH media.

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Build your campaign on a reliable platform of dynamically measured exposure. Wrapped vehicles are tracked and monitored to ensure delivery across markets, interstates, and surface arterials.

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Premium coverage comes with the territory. Display rates include production and installation at a reasonable cost.

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Put Your Brand In Motion® in close proximity to thousands of daily drivers. This message is capable of penetrating one market and moving on to the next. Extend the scope of your message.

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Your brand in motion: measurable truckside advertising

We provide advertising services to a wide variety of industries whereby companies can market and promote their products and services through mobile graphic displays applied to trucks and other motor vehicles.

We have a very large selection of options in truckside advertising, let us show you how we can help.

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