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About Transtech Media

Our Partners

Transtech Media LLC is made up of industry-leading companies with combined annual revenues of $5+ billion. These entities have come together to offer the largest and best-in-class Mobile OOH advertising. We partner with U.S. Xpress and Watkins & Shepard to provide a comprehensive and flexible inventory with over 60,000 trailers and access to over a million more. Lowen Color Graphics, the largest provider of truck-side graphics in the U.S., partnered with 3M, delivers rapid response, state-of-the-art reproduction of your artwork and top-quality installation services.

Missions and Values

Our mission is to provide a powerful, cost-effective OOH medium our advertisers will employ to reach their high-potential customers. Our values dictate that all of us at Transtech Media have a passion to succeed and the strength to deliver so that we can be a strong resource and trusted partner to our advertisers.